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Good Morning Flip Side by BalloonPrincess

:heart::heart::heart:Hiya, gang!:heart::heart::heart:

Not much to say about the rest of the weekend that just passed us by.  For me, I clocked a long week of running around and dealing with things here at the Firm.  On top of my usual stuff, I had to make three trips to the warehouse at the end of the day and help out the Big Boss with his car on Friday which is usually a crunch day for me since everyone wants everything done before noon.  See, their day ends at noon ... mine goes until whenever.  :)  Nevertheless, I was exhausted much of the weekend and did very little than watch TV which was a Power Ranger marathon; an interesting show for the most part which gets better as you work through it.  Being an old fan of Godzilla, I had to check this out.  So, I did get some sleep as well.

The main thing for me this weekend was the Saturday Night RPG Group getting together to game which was the third installment of the Left Fielder running "The Carrion Crown!"  Now we had the return of the Quiet One, a good friend of mine and girlfriend to the Mask who's another gamer, to the Saturday Night Game and it was a lot of fun to watch her get entangled with our group.  From what I understand, the Quiet One's character, Tielth, a half elf Rogue was sent by the church to keep an eye on Elia Falen (the sorceress being played by the Bionic Forearm.)  Just listening to the set up and watching the players, I got the feeling that there is more going on between the two characters, something very suspicious to be sure.  What was funny about this was Tielth had picked the lock to the mansion the characters were staying at (Professor Lorrimor's place which is now owned by his daughter, Kendra) and had gone inside.  She took several items of note, important to the game, but also took Brother Frack's journal (I think it was a journal; if nothing else an important book belonging to the good Brother) and Israfel's sketch book which had pictures of the group including Kendra Lorrimor.  Tielth hid under a bed for a while when she heard noises downstairs and then fled out a window at the first and best opportunity.

A comical moment was Brother Frack's "Dungeon Master Senses" was tingling.  The comment was that Brother Frack's god has sent him a prompt urging to return to the house from where we were ... investigating at the prison.  Now, it took us a good chunk of the day and some of the evening to return at a pretty good traveling speed, but we arrived quickly.  While the others rested, Caitlynn, having spoken to the good Brother about the warning about something being wrong at the mansion, decided to check around the area.  Tracking is something Caitlynn is exceptional about and tracking a half elf was certainly no exception.  The stuff stolen out of the mansion was hidden in a bush before Tielth went up to hide in a tree nearby to watch.  Well, Caitlynn was searching the area and found the stuff ... including Israfel's sketchbook.  Ooo!  That's not good.  Well, seeing that she was about to be discovered, Tielth dropped to the ground and surrendered ... sort of the "Hands up!  Don't shoot!" sort of thing.  It was rather quickly that we discovered Tielth and Elia have some sort of connection and a promise from Tielth in she is just watching Elia ... mm!  Cait's rather dubious on this as is Brother Frack!

As the party went inside to rest up before heading back to the prison, there was a knock at the door to which Caitlynn went to answer it since she was still prowling and working off some pent up energy.  Opening the door found Cait looking right into the face of a decomposing Professor Lorrimor!  A zombie!  Caitlynn bullrushed him and took the fight out into the front yard with one helluva slam.  Kendra, who was on the stairs when the knock happened, was able to fire off some sort of positive energy bolt (I think) and it did some more damage to the zombie.  It was the bite from the zombie that really pissed Cait off!  She slammed the zombie into the ground, destroying him.  A thunderous roar of triumph from Caitlynn brought the guard to the mansion ground fast as well as bringing the rest of the group together ... and that was when we learned about nine other zombies running amok!  It was Elia's attack that ended up taking out the zombies while Israfel stayed behind to deal with a distraught Kendra.

It was the fight that brought the other two latecomers to the game to the group's attention.  A goblin with an overinflated head named Gorechack the Crotchbiter and a tengu samurai by the name of Akiro Tomanaro joined us to travel later the next morning to the prison and finish up checking the place out.  The group had to deal with many fun and challenging creatures and obstacles like flaming skulls, a haunted furnace (which Cait cut open with Hellbringer), haunted manacles (another thing for Cait to deal with ... between nightmares of being caught again by the Slaver's Guild and the fear brought on by this place), and one seriously strong door ... it took Cait three tries and then help from Akiro to finally pull the door off the hinges!  Behind the door, we found the five serial killer's weapons!  Brother Frack's got those in a bag within his pack now!

But it was the final room we dealt with that night which made me smile.  Throughout the history of the prison, the lore spoke of the brave warden and his men keeping the inmates within the prison and dying along with them.  There was one quick mention of the warden's wife who was there, but little of anything else.  As Israfel, I was suspicious about this (and to be honest I still am!)  No statue and nothing in the lore about her ... and then we find her ghost.  She is trying to save the soul of her husband while dealing with keeping the five serial killers' spirits contained ... which isn't quite working.  The pieces of the puzzle are a bit scattered, but we need the weapons to defeat them.  Wow ... :)

This was where we had to stop ... the Dungeon Master had to work in the morning and needed to try and get some sort of sleep.  I'm so looking forward to the weekend!  :)

Love and Kisses,
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