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Pathfinders Ho! by BalloonPrincess
:heart::heart::heart:Hiya, gang!:heart::heart::heart:

Just a quick update on The Carrion Crown adventure for Pathfinder RPG last night.  The Bearded Lantern's garage was getting too hot for the summer to keep playing at, so we moved to my place.  Now, as many of you know, I have been trying to put the place together for the last month.  The living room and dining room areas were cluttered with a boat load of boxes, much of it left over from the days that I had a three bed room trailer.  Over the past ten years, it seems like I have had to move into smaller places, finally ending up in a place that's got to be less than 600 square feet.  I bought and assembled seven shelves, three tallboys and four shorties ... most of them not full or even in use yet, but I'm getting there.  It's taken me two days, Friday afternoon and much of Saturday up until 4 pm, to get the place ready for the group last night.  Granted it was only five people including myself, but it was a bit on the tight side.  But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit ...

While waiting for the Bearded Lantern, the Mask and his girlfriend, the Quiet One, and then the Left Fielder, the Dungeon Master for the night, I balanced my check book while watching the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.  I ordered pizza from Domino's to make it more like the 1980s.  That was the only pizza we had which would deliver and we were able to get it when we would game on the weekends.  So, for me, it was a natural thing to order.  I also added some door prizes for the people who showed up ... a free set of colorful dice by Chessex ... and then we had a game within The Carrion Crown adventure: the best of the critical hits or failures would get a $100 Visa gift card with the second place person getting a $25.  I wanted to make sure someone got something for second, but I also wanted to make sure the first place was outstanding.  I believe I floored everyone at the game ... I know the Mask just went "WOW!  What the Fuck?!" ... but I was too busy giggling to notice others.  The Bearded Lantern would have taken a long drag on his cigar if he was allowed to smoke.  :)

The game went really well!  Lots of stuff to deal as we dealt with the human carnival which was the distraction for the raising of the Mother of Monsters back to life here on Golarion.  Hitting the carnival the humans were running with a three pronged attack ... Brother Frack and Akiro Toromono was one team, James Woodstock and Tielth the rogue was another, and then Caitlynn and Israfel made up the third group.  The series of attacks got the job done while the mistress of the Palemoon carnival got her people to take out much of the force within the human carnival.  This made things easier for us, but we still had the devil of the time freeing the animals, destroying their supplies and gear, and dealing with some of their lesser guards.  This got one great moment with Woodstock and Tielth freeing one hundred tigers from an enormous tent covered pen and pit to allow them to go terrorizing the carnival.  We almost had a problem since Israfel loves tigers, but lucky for the group, Caitlynn caught her before things really got out of hand.  Woodstock and Tielth managed to get the raptor free, the one that they almost got us killed over the last game, who's been named Vinnie ... interesting.  Brother Frack did one really cool attack with his sword which critically hit, doing massive damage and the magical effect on his sword caused the opponent, a bug bear, to be banished from this plane.  That seriously freaked us out!  Once all of this carnage was done, we ran into the main tent to take on the main bad guys.

This was monstrous!  The room was the scene of a demonic rebirth, complete with a statue and dancing beings all around, I think they were gnolls or goblins or something.  You also had three main bad guys watching: Valoran the magican, Lady Shamazz, and someone else ... I think it was the wererat we ran into earlier.  Caitlynn made the first swing at the main magic using creep, hitting him for about 40 hit points of damage and was allowed a second swing which produced almost the same amount, but ... after a few moments, the attacks were shown as doing little more than strengthening the monster about to be reborn ... which called for a reforming of the plan.  Caitlynn decided to hit a braizer with Hellbringer which seemed to have a great effect.  From what Brother Frack could see was the destruction of the braizer was wrecking the monster's hold on the world.  With the group destroying braziers, this allowed some to make equal and impressive attacks of opportunity.  Israfel was able to huff and puff a good majority of the attacking gnolls back and away from the party while actually knocking two of the bad guys into a stunned round thanks to the debris and other things flying about ... not a critical for her, but more than good enough.  A few of the others were able to smash the brazers while taking out other henchmen as well which was good.  Thanks to some great teamwork we were able to keep the monster-go from returning, earning her wrath.

And the heroes escaped ... but we had to pause for the wrap up for next weekend.  A good thing too since we needed to determine who won the prizes.  The Bearded Lantern won the $100 card for his banishment of the opponent with the magical sword and the Left Fielder won the $25 card for the critical roll of the amount of tigers for the pit which just added so much comedy for the encounter ... lots of Tigger jokes and even leading up to Caitlynn having to drag Israfel back into combat so the copper top didn't go running after the tigers.  :)  The Left Fielder gave the $25 card to the Mask since it was his work that initiated the roll ... and the jokes too.

Last night was a lot of fun and a great success!  Hopefully we'll have plenty more as we start the second book of The Carrion Crown which is called Trail of the Beast!  Sounds like a great title to something that's going to be a lot of fun!  :)

So, stay tuned.  :)

Love and Kisses,
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