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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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Loonia - Remember Me - Ultimate-2010 by BalloonPrincess

And here we go again ... St. Mary on a pogo stick ...

If I remember right, it was two years to the day in September when I moved into the "luxurious" apartment I'm in right now.  Things went seriously south when I went into the office at the apartment complex to ask about two florescent light bulbs for the kitchen light on Friday.  Here's how the madness went down ...

While waiting for the girl to get off the phone with a potential renter, I thought I should ask about how much the rent would be going up since I would be moving next door in about a month so they could renovate my apartment and then I could move back since I like the location of this apartment ... though of late, with the dipshits next door in the building to my left as I look out my bedroom window, they have been coming in late at night and yelling at each other.  Plus the frontage road seems to be more like a walkway for the stupid ... so ... well, anyways, I asked about the rent and was told that it was going up from $565 to $675.  This apartment is a one bed room which is about 650 square feet and it's considered the larger of the two types of single bedroom apartments.

I about stroked out.

Trying to recover before I boiled over ... this place has really stretched the limits of my tolerance (if you have been reading my journals for most of my time here, you know this already) ... I asked about the smaller apartment.  It's about 600 square feet and rents for $625.  Nodding I asked about seeing one and the girl took me on over.  The one she showed me is a really nice layout ... no shelves or the two back closets for the bed room or even the walk in one next to the bedroom like the larger one has, but there's your loss of the 50 square feet ... and the additional $50 per month.  I calmed down and smiled, thinking this would be ok ... and it would be only one move to take care of things.  I would be in a new apartment and no care about the rest of the renovation to the complex.  So, I asked about reserving one since they had only two more that were renovated and ready to be moved into.

The girl happily said that she could get me started with an application which meant checking my criminal history, background, and credit ... and then they could take a deposit.  I boggled!  "Do what?" I asked.  "Lady, I have been here for almost 10 years and a good tenant, paid in full with two months rent up front when I moved in with a deposit on top of that.  I dealt with a leaky roof which should have been fixed during the 7 years I was in that apartment.  Then I moved myself ... myself ... without any help from you guys ... into a "newer" apartment.  Then you renovate ... which is sorely needed ... and now you do all of this to me?  Are you seriously stupid or are you trying to impress me?!"  The girl was frightened ... so I calmed down and downshifted.  "Why can the deposit from the apartment just be transferred?"  She said that it would be held until I moved out which I pointed out, "I'm not leaving the apartment complex; just relocating."  She said this was policy.  I asked how long until a refund would be forthcoming and she said that she thought it would be quick.  Now, I'm furious and she's really getting scared ... so I downshifted ... again.  Apologizing, I blew my breath out hard.  "Ok, let's get started.  Do you take credit cards for the deposit?"  Weakly she smiled and nodded.  "But we have to run your credit."  Grinding my teeth, I smiled.  "Do all of that and I'll be back in an hour or so."

I left to throttle something, someone, or just scream!

At the start of this happy roller coaster, I was trying to get laundry done and get back to my apartment to get a nap ... y'know, because I had a stressful week?  Anyone who says that God doesn't have a sense of humor needs to talk to me.  For He was getting a good belly laugh at the moment.  The guy at the laundry mat listened to me and watched me cry out of frustration, something I don't do unless I'm at critical mass.  He bought me a coke and sat me down and talked to me straight.  He said that this sounded like a scam and if it was, it was also illegal, so I should talk to my Big Boss and ask for help.  "You are a really nice person and people like you should NOT have to go through this," he said.  Sniffling I finished up my coke and we talked while I got the laundry done.

As I was returning home, my ball and chain ... also known as my cell phone the Firm pays for (by the way!  :) ) ... rings and it's Ms E, the girl's boss, and she asks me to stop by the office at the apartment complex.  Once there, I'm feeling contrite ... that's when apologies are given all around, me, the girl, and Ms E who explains more of the "behind the scenes" of what's happening.  I asked about the deposit and Ms E explained that this is the new company who owns the complex trying to start all the leases anew ... which made me nervous ... when I hear words like that, I cringe.  She saw me frown and further went into stressing the max the deposit would be $300, but the holding fee was half of the deposit ... normally they secure a full month's rent, but they aren't doing that.  So, deciding that I cannot fight this at this moment, I pulled out my credit card and paid only $150 ... for now.  She told me when I move in which would be in the middle of September, they would need the other $150.  However, she did mention to me what would save me some cash is to pay September's rent before the end of August which would be the $565 and then they would prorate the month from the 15th of September when I would officially move in and save some cash.

Now, let me pause here ... it sounds good in theory, but I sense a trap.

I just nodded and said that would be good ... not wanting them to know that I suspected a trap.  So, I'm good.  I think.  While we were all good, I did ask why memos were not sent out about the rent increases and what was happening.  Ms E said that there was some that were sent out, but probably taken as not serious.  Now ... hang on a second and while I'm thinking about it ... well, well, well ... I don't have any memo close to what the girl or Ms E mentioned as I said I didn't earlier.  So I never got this important memo ... hmm.  Curious.  Anyways, I feel like I went out on a date, got stuck with the check and then robbed on the way home after being left at the restaurant alone.

So, to sum up ... I'm recovering from a shit load of stress, I will be moving into a smaller apartment ... after my birthday ... being screwed on money, and having to probably get all this done within a week, so that means I'll need to take time off from a job that often goes to hell when I'm not there.

Happy Birthday to me, eh?  :)

Love and Kisses,
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