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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

Current Age: 46, Current Residence: Savannah, Georgia, deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL, Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, MP3 player of choice: iTouch!, Favourite cartoon character: Myself, silly!, Personal Quote: "Sure, she's big and all...but watch this!" *DEEP INHALE!*
Good Morning Flip Side by BalloonPrincess
:heart::heart::heart:Hiya, gang!:heart::heart::heart:

Hope you guys had a great weekend like I did!  Much of the time was spent role playing in one form or another which was fine by me.  It sort of took me back to the days of the 1980s with playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Villains and Vigilantes either in my folk's poolyard or in the game room.  It would be a few years later ... I want to say about 1984 or so when Domino's Pizza appeared with quickly made pizza which wasn't expensive and could be delivered.  That was when my friends and I started gaming on the weekends more often then naught, ordering plenty of pizza and sitting around and gaming until the wee hours of the morning.

Not much has changed since those happy days.  The group gets together, assembling a fantastic gathering of people I have the honor and pleasure to call my friends:

The Bearded Lantern:
One of the original four lads I'm proud to call a friend, the Bearded Lantern was given his nom de guerre by me as a term of jocularity at first and then of respect.  I would dare to say that he is one of the strongest fans of Green Lantern out there, but he also has a great respect for the classic heroes like The Shadow and The Phantom, two of which he's played as characters before in various RP hero games, especially in my versions of The League of Extraordinary Heroes.  Soft spoken, cool whit, and a connoisseur of cigars, he often is cast in the role of beleaguered leader having proven time after time that he does indeed have the best leadership skills as well as the ability to inspire and command situations.

The Bionic Forearm:
One of the original four lads as well, the Bionic Forearm is deceptively brilliant, clever, and resourceful.  I use the term deceptive because he comes off as just a good old boy or a redneck.  You would be stupid to blow him off as anything unworthy to get to know, yet you would not hurt his feelings.  I have rarely seen someone who can remember just about everything he reads, being able to memorize books of information without much effort.  He's perhaps one of the most invulnerable people I have ever seen.  He's got scars all over his body from all the hard work he's had to deal with much of his life.  Slow to anger, but I would wager hard to stop if pushed.  No one is more blunt with their opinions than this lad.

The Mysterious Mask:
One of my three new friends, the Mask is a master of his own gathering of knowledge skill sets as well as quite the computer savvy fellow.  I had the rare privilege of knowing his father from one of two local broadcast stations and had done a pretty good job at getting to know something of the business.  On top of that, he's been the guest of many of the voice actors within the community of anime here in the states.  He also keeps up with the various animation studios and production houses.  Even with this said, his passion is working on costumes of wide note and variety while being a prop specialist.  Often he and I get into discussions of the cartoons of our separate time periods and even talk about the voice actors and other bits of trivia.  While I often feel like I try to one up him, I barely blip when it comes to his overall knowledge.  So, I often learn so much from him.

The Quiet One:
Another one of my new friends of late, the Quiet One is named this because you have to work a bit harder than most to get her to speak.  Often found giggling at jokes or being attacked by the playful Mask which also makes her giggle, the Quite One enjoys hanging out with her friends just like I do.  She is a rather skilled at arts and crafts, especially drawing and calligraphy as wellI always like to think of her as the little sister I never had.  And yet I often feel like she's got a few things to teach me as well.  I listen to her talk about her artwork, the passions that drive her, and I find myself admiring her ... while also feeling a bit ashamed at my seemingly guilt of squandering my time at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design which is here in Savannah) when someone like her would have done so much better in my opinion.

The Left Fielder:
The third in my new friends, the Left Fielder is perhaps one of the strongest of them all.  While he is shy and often soft spoken until you engage him properly, his devotion and loyalty to his friends and family is impressive to say the least.  He's the one friend I really feel attached to since I feel like he and I have gone through a lot of the same trails and tribulations with our lives and yet we are still fairly different beyond looks and appearance.  Like the Bionic Forearm, he has quite the high level of book smarts and knowledge while having a good whit and humor about him which makes him a lot of fun to hang out with, just like the Mask and the Quiet One.  Thanks to his passion with Pathfinder, I feel like I have learned a lot more about the game than I originally knew ... and that's great since I often feel like I know very little.

This motley crew of friends and players assembled at the Bearded Lantern's garage on Friday Night since we moved the night due to some needed family time the Bearded Lantern and the Bionic Forearm needed.  Just like the Saturday Night game, we got set up, pulling the tables and chairs together, putting out all the books, and getting everyone comfy for the next five hours of game play.  However on Friday Night, I had a surprise for my friends.  I went out to Little Caesar's Pizza and got five large pies, a two liter of Mountain Dew for the Mask, wings for myself, two bags of sour cream and onion potato chips (which I discovered the Quiet One just loves!), and some Little Debbie cupcakes.  Oh, it was so appreciated!  I knew with the lateness of the Bearded Lantern's arrival home from work and his busy workload, he did NOT have time to fix food for the gathering, so I decided to step up.

Scream! by BubbleJuiceBox! by BalloonPrincess
Israfel's Usual Reaction To The Undead ... :)

Now, since I didn't feel like writing up an update for The Carrion Crown from last weekend, I thought I would do both today.  I'm still seriously enjoying being a player, getting to run the Mighty Caitlynn Wildfire and the Frightened Israfel Vincent through the game.  And once again, I got to do what I never got to do before: say "I'm just playing the character!"  I used to get this so often from people in the game, allowing them to justify their character's actions.  While I seldom question their actions, I do often give credit for their stats when it comes to making a potentially bad mistake.  The Dungeon Masters of our group also do this ... but they have their own style when it comes to the outcome.  :)

In The Carrion Crown, the party is still exploring the ruins of Harrowstone, looking for treasure and the warden's badge to bring back to his wife's ghost in order to seal away the spirits of the Five Serial Killers housed at the prison so many years ago.  It's not been easy to defeat the ghosts, each one understandably becoming harder and harder to beat.  We have managed to beat four out of the five, the fifth one we got to right before we had to close down things for the night.  According to the Dungeon Master who also is known as the Left Fielder, it's going to be one helluva fight ... and like in any RPG on a computer, the party needed to rest up before the big fight.  :D

One of the encounters, the Dungeon Master and the Bionic Forearm had gone outside to deal with something extra special that Elia Falen (the Bionic Forearm's character) had found: a wooden sword buried within the septic and sewer systems of the decaying prison.  This got the assembled players to make disgusted faces and all sorts of bad puns that started right away and then rolled out from time to time throughout the game.  Yes, I'm pretty sure that we hit every one of them ... if we didn't, it was because we ran out of time.  Wickedly gleeful, the Bionic Forearm has plans for the "shit stick" ... =p

Another one which started last weekends game continued to build on Caitlynn's reputation which I'm finding rather fascinating.  Normally, she takes a beating when it comes to popularity since her species, Changelings (as I have written about them, not in the classical or gaming sense) are looked down on by all the other races as inferior and untrustworthy beings.  Here in Ravengro, however, no one there knows what the hell a Changeling is and thinks of her as an odd catfolk which is another thing they haven't seen.  So, they look on at her with curiosity.  Most of the men at the tavern love seeing her come in: the seriously cut and defined form, the sexy allure of femininity, and the sheer power that she commands with a touch of wildness that is her last name too.  She has surprised the gathering by outfighting, outdrinking, outthrowing a dagger, and even freaking them out with her roar which sent most either crashing to the floor or running.  At one point she got drunk and roared ... and the Bionic Forearm snickered, saying "It probably came out as a weak mew ..."

Israfel is my other character and she is coming along rather well too.  A few points for Israfel who's healing burst is a form of channeling which allows her to be more of a threat to the undead for that than her ability to stretch or shape shift ... and since the poor copper top cannot hit the broad side of a barn with most of her attacks, it's good that she is useful.  From shape shifting into either a rope or a slide so far, Israfel has managed to up her usefulness ... that and the fact that she's often a shield for the sorceress since the marching order has the copper top in front of the sorceress.  This weekend, she had to blow herself up into a huge balloon mattress to comfort the fall of people jumping into a twenty to thirty foot pit which got some laughter from the group.  On another note, Israfel went to the church in Ravengro to pray ... even if her faith is not the same as the rest of the town, the brothers there were more than willing to give her a quiet place to pray.  Faith is something very strong and central for Israfel ... as it is for me.  Israfel doesn't go around throwing it into people's faces, but tries to lead by example.  A hard thing to do, especially when you have people who either make fun of you for your beliefs and principles or just the fact they don't understand you.  As in my case, Israfel smiles and continues onwards.

Between all the pizza and other junk food, the fellowship of my good friends, and the great game the Left Fielder is running, I had a fantastic time!  I also want to continue to thank my friends for helping me forget my hardships endured this past week and giving me the strength to continue onwards as well.

If you have good friends like mine, please ... let them know.  They might not know or even suspect.  But, having you tell them will mean so much.

Love and Kisses,

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