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Princess Loonia Infinity
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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

Current Age: 46, Current Residence: Savannah, Georgia, deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL, Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, MP3 player of choice: iTouch!, Favourite cartoon character: Myself, silly!, Personal Quote: "Sure, she's big and all...but watch this!" *DEEP INHALE!*
Seriously?! by BalloonPrincess


Now, this is seriously hilarious! I have been tagged at least 30 times since I have been active with DA ... and while the questions have altered slightly, the conditions of the chain has stayed the same: tag at least 10 people. Now, while I'm going to answer this questions ... since it's been a while and I have time this morning, I'm going to ASK people if they would write a journal on this and see how it goes. If the chain is broken, that's fine by me. :)

The rules

Tagged by :iconxthedarkcanidx:.

You must post these rules ... obviously. :)

2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you ... I will only ask people to join in. :)

4. Ask people do to the same. Why do I change this rule? Because it's me. :)

5. Ask people to write a journal. Once again, I change the rule because it's me. :)

The Facts About Me:

1. I'm very short.

  Most of my family is tall, above their natural averages for their sexes and very lean while I'm short and rather stocky. I suppose that and the work I do for the Firm makes me a lot stronger than they for I'm often the one who's asked to move stuff because they are too weak to do it. I think they are often lazy. :)

2. I get headaches due to dealing with people ... a lot.

I have a hard time understanding why people do the things they do. It makes little sense to me. My folks were tightly wound, mainly because of my mother's panic attacks that she had over the smallest things. Pop was often stressed and worked a lot away from the house for his sanity. My Big Sister probably was upset much of the time because she felt Mom and Pop's relationship was strained between Mom's panic attacks and Pop's duty to the Navy. I have found that most of the people around me are either slow as hell or lazy as all get out because I end up having to tote the line or carry the water for them. If I don't step up, things don't get done. That probably marks me as a control freak, but I pay the price ... and the makers of BC headache powders get richer. :) However, while it might drive my friends crazy, they can always count on me to have things done ... if I can remember these days. I am getting older too. :)

3. I have a Very Terrible Temper.

Many who have known me back in the days of my anime muck gaming know that I have a bad temper and those who know me in real life are sure I have a bad temper. There were two doors to my trailer that were torn off the hinges due to people who used and abused me during my earlier years here in Savannah ... one was to my bedroom and the other was to the spare bedroom. Over the years and with my health fluctuating, I have had to be careful about being around people who cause me to stress to the point of touching off my temper, but that is difficult. Mellow is something that not many would use to describe me back then, but I believe I have gotten more of a handle on my temper since then.

4. My Mother Was A Historical Romance Writer.

  From the years of 1974 to about 1998 or so, my mother wrote Historical Romance books. Now she did start with one sci-fi book which didn't do well and two horror/thriller books which did slightly better. These three books caused some problems with her publisher back then who decided to screw with her on her cut of the profits as they promised. Mom sued and got the money which she used to buy her purple people eater, a purple MGB sports car which was a convertible top and had a white racing stripe down the middle of the hood ... a stunning car. By the end of her career in 1998, she had written twenty books (I think the official count was 22) with some being The Times best sellers and even making the charts of best sellers for The Romantic Times and Walden Books best seller's list. When on a few dates, I would often take the person who was dating me to the store in the mall ... either back in Brunswick or here in Savannah ... and dazzle them with showing them a copy of Mom's latest book. A few English teachers in my high school days got copies of the books and I even was surprised to see one copy of Mom's book in the college's library I graduated from back in 1991.

5. My Father Was Gibbs Before There Was A Gibbs.

  Lately I have been speaking a lot about my Pop who several people had said that they think of him like Gibbs, a rough and tumble, but seriously honest man, with a certain Captain America feel to him. I think that's a fairly good assessment of Pop. But you also knew where you stood with him. As I have said in many of my journals, he was a man with a bad temper of his own, but he was also a hard working man who did everything possible ... and then more ... to make sure that he took care of the family. Mom and my Big Sister got much of his attention ... and I believe it was because they needed it more than I. I was always much like him: a take charge, responsible person, honest and true. I know from listening to people around him that he kept a tight circle of friends and he was fiercely loyal to them. Personally, I've always thought of being more like him than Mom. My mother was a Southern lady which was something I never understood. That's probably because I was more in step with Pop. :)

6. Work Has Always Defined Me The Best.

I'm not sure how many of you will understand this fact, but I have often felt that I need to stay busy with projects of either a work-related theme to keep me happy or else I get bored rather easily. I don't care too much for downtime, but I do understand the value of the time down; the need to rest and clear the mind so that you can get back on task is just as important as anything I could come up with. But often I find my downtime projects like writing and drawing, even some self RP gaming, are a great way to spend a quiet afternoon.

Mm ... being called away, so I will have to finish this later.

Love and Kisses,

Let's see if I can get some more this morning.  :)

7. "My Big Sister Thinks Pot Is One Of The Five Food Groups ..."

From as far back as I can remember, my Big Sister has had been trouble, either with the authorities at the various schools and boarding houses and even with the law or with my parents.  Most of it was caused by the problems my parents had with each other: Mom's panic attacks and Pop's duty to the US dealing with his tours in the Navy.  My Big Sister got caught up in the wrong crowds and got hooked on some of the more bizarre stuff from what Pop told me one afternoon when I came in upset over my Big Sister and her smoking of Pot when she was pregnant with one of the kids.  Recently, she and I had it out in a very nasty fight at Pop's place the night that he passed.  I told her I was tired of her selfish nature, the need for her to only think of herself and force everyone to fall in step with her.  I also went on and told her that what she was doing with the mixing of alcohol and Marijauna was really starting to do a number on her.  Over the past ten years, she looks like she's aged about twenty to even thirty years.  She slapped me and told me to pound sand.  I decided that I was done telling her anything.  I did apologize to her son and husband later, but both said that she needed to hear this from me.  It probably didn't help, but time will tell.

8.  I've Always Had A Work Studio.

This is probably one of the few facts that might make sense to people.  When I was growing up, I had a small drafting table that Pop made with a foot locker next to it and a stereo on top of it.  Often the stereo played albums or even 8-Track tapes, but when I got into high school, I had one that played albums and also tapes which was one of the best I've had next to the two 490 watt five CD playing, radio, and MP3 playing stereos I have now.  I often had at least a small stack of typing paper Mom bought for me along with Micron ink pens, American wooden pencils ... not those with rubber mixed in, but authentic wood pencils! ... and a growing stack of colored pencils.  Often the joke was for people when birthdays or Christmas would roll around ... what to get for me?  Mom always said that these things were the best gifts.  Later I would keep a small TV and game system near by.  Now, with me living alone, the whole place is a work studio: a huge 6 foot drawing table in the living room, three various game systems plunged into the huge 40 inch TV near the drawing table, then a smaller drawing table in the bed room next to the iMac and Internet computers while I have the Intellivision plugged into that TV in the bed room as well.

9.  I Work For A Living.

This is a rather pretentious comment, but a true one.  Until I got out of high school, I never did any formal schooling in art, not much more than what you would get in high school.  Now, we did have an art center on St. Simons Island and I often went to the classes there.  I had a lot of fun in these classes.  But it wasn't until SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) did I get any formal training ... and even then, it's hard to think of myself as an artist since I do work in things other than my trained field.  I went through a wide range of jobs: warehouse, waste management, various motel and hotel roles, though mostly night auditing, convenience and liquor stores, dock work, various deliver services, and now professional administrative work ... or what I call "Fetch this right now!"  :)  I do artwork mostly for fun and still chase my dreams of being a cartoonist, but as I get older, the desire flees ... but I still keep on trying.

10.  I Never Give Up!

Regardless of the hardness of life, I never give up on things.  I keep on trying.  If you have been reading my journals over the years, you will see that I don't give up on things.  Now, while I don't drink, it keeps me able to work art this current job, one that has far too many benefits.  I don't bait, date, or mate any more either, but I still believe in love and would love to find it.  While I have had people kick me, knock me down, or even mock me, I still get up and believe in people as a whole.  Regardless of what the media and the political machine keeps on saying about people, I believe that you can be what you want to be.  It is your actions, not your race, sex, religion, or nationality that defines you ... character is everything.

I still love Michael Jackson's song "Man in the mirror":

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change!

I hope everyone out there is happy ... be well and be strong!  :)

Love and Kisses,
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