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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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An Elastic Cat Christmas by BalloonPrincess

:heart::heart::heart::heart:Hiya, gang!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

As many of you probably already know ... or have seen ... I have had the best weekend I can remember in a long time!  And it wasn't just one day, it started with Thursday evening and rolled all the way through to this morning ... and I'm still riding the joygasmic pleasure!  Let me share ...

A special thanks to my two favorite artists and good friends :iconkecomaster: and :iconmilkybody: who did some really great pictures for me which are also posted in the gallery.  Both put their magnificent talents to work and really stepped up with some equally impressive and magnificent work.  I also got to get two Super Secret Double Special Magnificent Commission Christmas Gifts coming to a pair of really special lads.  You'll know when they are done and posted.  :)  I also want to thank :iconwunderchivo: for keeping in touch with me as well.

Now, to the weekend!  :)

It all started on Thursday evening with a really good evaluation from the Operations Boss who thanked me for all my hard work through the years.  He ended up encouraging me to talk about my past ... the drinking and the thoughts of suicide, having heard this before ... and told me that he believed that I was far stronger than I gave myself credit for.  He closed with "I'm glad you are with us ... both here at the Firm and here in this world."  I went home happy and even spoke about it at :iconmilkybody:'s livestream ... which is always a fun way to end the evening.

Friday was pretty cool.  I got some help from a friend here at work who set some of the office bunnies straight about always bothering me about stuff they needed because they didn't wish to do it.  Now, that's part of my job, true enough, but she was angry at the seemingly always present "abuse."  She proceeded to tell me that she wasn't going to stand for me backtalking her about how she's wrong and all of that, building up a good head of steam.  Finally, I did my hands like a T and asked for a timeout.  She panted and said, "What?"  I said with a smile, "Thanks."  She giggled, hugged me, and went off.  She also did mail for me so I could get a set of plans to a client and not be late with mail.  I returned the favor by helping her with mail when I got back ... traffic was light and I got done fast.

Now, that was work ... Friday afternoon allowed me a good three hour nap before the game we normally do on Saturday night.  It was good to be able to get one of those before the night's game; clearing of the brain, processing of ideas, and hoping for the patience to endure some of the insanity.  I was also able to get some shopping done, get lunch, and get the laundry dropped off at the cleaners that afternoon.  The night's game was casual and fun ... but everyone was so exhausted to say the least.  So, we started late and ended up finishing up before midnight.  Probably for the best.

Saturday was about the same pace; picking up laundry before getting mail for the Firm, getting snacks for the game for that night, and even another nap.  Both nights I didn't sleep long ... like five hours or so.  I did manage to log in and check out :iconmilkybody:'s special commission stream.  Always a fun time.  I even got in line to get one of my own.  :)  The first party was at 2 pm which was the Firm's Christmas Party, a gathering out on the edge of town.  Lot's of fun, plenty of oysters to eat, people to chat with, and lots of kids too!  I probably ate an entire bed of oysters myself.  The second party for the weekend was that night's RP game.  The game started roughly around 7 pm, a lot of it was due to me talking far too much.  I'd drank nothing but cokes at the party and I was all revved up.  After showing off some artwork and stuff, we got pizza, got the characters ready for the game, and got the living room set up.  With four of us and all those drawing tables and big office desk, there's not a lot of room left ...

The game's story was rather simple ... the characters arrive at Crossroads to a kidnapping mystery; it seems that two days ago someone jumped Israfel Vincent as she was getting ready to go to the inn and be a waitress.  The assailant stunned her by hitting her with the door and then they used some sort of alchemical flash-bang to knock out Israfel and render the Mighty Caitlynn unconscious.  It was the innkeeper, Gairrick Hammerfell, who found Israfel knocked out since she was renting a room for her and Caitlynn from the dwarf.  When the sheriff arrived on the scene, there was little to do but to allow Israfel to sleep off the effects of the chemical bomb.  The characters got involved and started working the case which got Israfel involved too.  They were about to leave the city's gates when we called it quits for the night.  It was around midnight and I didn't wish to wake up the neighbors.  The group was good with that since they were getting tired too.  Hopefully we can get back to it this Friday night.  :)

Sunday was sleeping in late and getting up late too.  Around noon, I got up and logged in just in time to catch :iconmilkybody: doing my Christmas Ornament Commission.  Oh, I was so happy!  Keco also treated Mabo and myself to a surprise visit as well as a cute picture.  You've seen the Elastic Cats kissing which was done by Mabo himself.  Later, Keco invited me over to do a private livestream and do the pictures which are also posted.  I went to bed happy after watching some of Bones!

Gawd ... I'm still riding the happy train this morning!  It's so nice to be this happy again!  :)

Thanks for reading!  And may you have a great day too!  :)

Love and Kisses,
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