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It's that time again!  Besides having nothing to do until tomorrow, I figure this would be a fun time to sketch some stuffs.
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The best of the best in my opinion! :)


Outside of the seductive subject catching my eye, I really love the strong contrast of whites and darks in this photo. Plus the simple ...

When logging in, I found this one standing out right away and thought I should comment! :) Being a big expansionist myself, this really ...

Personally ... and right off ... I really like this piece very much. The slight tilt to the image starts off by giving off a sense of d...

Let me start this off by saying that I have become a fan of BlackSen's work within the last year. This is one of those pieces that make...




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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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Pathfinders Ho! by BalloonPrincess


While enjoying my third day of being off work and lazy as hell, I did this.  Enjoy.  :)

F-Chat Log: Inflation, Mon May 08 2017 09:09:45 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


[7:32]*Israfel Vincent covers her mouth with her left hand as the copper top yawns rather softly, a gentle blush flowing across her cute features which makes the healthy splattering of freckles stand out rather nicely. Her expressive purple eyes close behind curiously damaged glasses, tapped together with neon green tape which also stands out strongly against those soft, purple frames. In her right hand is an enormous white and gray beverage container, two hundred and forty ounces, with Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! written on both sides while a thick plastic straw pokes out of the top. The surprisingly short girl, perhaps just barely five feet tall, wanders into the Inflation Room, her footfalls surprisingly squeak with each dainty touch onto the flooring. Her left hand, finished with the task of the yawn, slides down along her side to smooth down the dark purple t-shirt, a cartoon bomb with a green letter P taking some of the round surface away rests on her chest. Tight purple and green stockings cover her thick legs while a pair of curiously colored high heeled sneaker boots cover her equally small feet, giving her perhaps a bit more weight to her presence. Maybe. <3

[7:38]Shirley Cruises connected.

[7:38]*Israfel Vincent reaches up with her left hand once more and seems to start to yawn when the copper top inhale deeply, her normally pert chest filling upwards and outwards rather impressively, expanding into a pair of rather formidable breasts stretching the t-shirt’s material and then going larger still. Her cute face warms up nicely once again, the rosy pink bringing out those adorable freckles along her facial cheeks, as she yawns … or perhaps inhales. Her chest, full and massive, covering much of her smaller superstructure, wobbles before the copper top sneezes! As her back arches forward and her head lowers, her sneaker boots let out a light squeal against the flooring as the copper top slides back a few feet. It takes her a few moments to straighten up and look about the Inflation Room as her left hand’s lithe fingers tap and rub her nose. “Excuse me,” Israfel whispers with a rather sheepish expression on her face. :)

[7:39]Crystal- disconnected.

[7:47]*Israfel Vincent giggles! lightly with a slow shake to her head as the copper top reaches into her back pocket of those tight cargo shorts, pulling out a light blue handkerchief. She dabs the soft cloth against her nose and then gives herself a soft blow, her chest puffing up a bit before a rather obnoxious sound is heard, her expressive eyes closing briefly behind her damaged glasses. After a few moments of sniffling, the copper top wipes her nose and then returns the handkerchief to one of those pockets, folding it up nicely first. Once done, she cups the Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! with both hands, which allows the straw, even dribbling a bit, to touch her kissable lips and then she is able to take a good sized pull from it. After a few heartbeats, she sighs happily. “Much better!” Israfel giggles! <3

[7:51]Doctor D Lite disconnected.

[7:55]*Israfel Vincent wanders over to her favorite vacant couch, the soft off-white coloring and fat throw pillows makes the furniture rather inviting. Another giggle bubbles off her kissable lips before the copper top takes another pull off the beverage container’s straw, draining about a total of a good-sized glass-worth from within the two-hundred-and-forty-ounce chamber. A hiccup and soft urp! escapes her before mentioned lips before the copper top giggles and then plops down onto the couch with a series of adorable squeaks and a jiggling bounce. Crossing her long legs at the knees and tapping her left sneaker boot clad foot against the arm rest of the couch, the copper top stretches out and gets nice and comfortable. “Ah,” Israfel whispers happily, closing her expressive eyes behind her interesting glasses. “Nice … it’s nice to have a day off. Or two.” :)

[7:55]Tayla Reed disconnected.

[7:59]Pariah Cleopatra connected.

[8:01]Pariah Cleopatra: "Hmmm... []"

[8:02]*Israfel Vincent offers Cleopatra a sleepy wave and soft smile before the copper top takes another deep sip off of her Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! ... <3

[8:04]Nadeena D Arkhiss disconnected.

[8:04]Nadeena D Arkhiss connected.

[8:04]*Pariah Cleopatra gives a stiff-limbed wave in return, even if unable to relate; being kinda dead, she didn't need to eat. Not even brains! Contrary to popular belief. Actually she just kind pressed her Gauss Flayer into her mouth, looking like she was about to shoot herself- and then just kinda ate a Gauss Blast straight from it. Delish.

[8:05]Pariah Cleopatra: Given the color I'd say it tastes like lime. Possibly green apple.

[8:06]*Israfel Vincent mms! watching the curious display, fascinated slightly. While curious, the copper top at least has the manners not to ask any moronic questions, for the moment. :)

[8:06]Nadeena D Arkhiss is now Looking. [Update so far &lt;3 []]

[8:10]*Caitlynn Wildfire comes quickly into the Inflation Room, her bare feet lightly padding against the floor while her long tiger-striped tail twitches back and forth behind her, a rather big bag held within her strong right hand. On the surface of the bag is written Seven-Eleven: The Modern Quick-Stop!, readable even with the light bounce of the plastic surface against the redhead’s thigh and knee. She makes her way over to the copper top’s couch and plops down onto the armrest next to the smaller girl’s head. “Ah should have guessed this is where ye were hangin’ out at,” Caitlynn replies with a firm giggle and a bright smile on her face.

[8:13]*Israfel Vincent mms? breaking her attention away from Cleopatra for the moment to look up at Caitlynn, the coppe top smiles rather sheepishly up at the redhead. "Busted," Israfel replies with an adorable musical giggle. Her smile warms her cute face before she shakes her head. "Seriously though, I got the apple and cinnamon muffins baked and sitting out to cool, the rest of the breakfast stuff is out and ready to be enjoyed, while the newspaper and Fox News is on the big screen in the sunroom." The copper top tilts her head a touch to the side as she regards the redhead. "Not sure what much you could want this morning, Cait ..."

[8:14]*Kay Coyote facepaws quietly, then rolls his way over to Theodor to flop with the painter, giving his friend a greeting 'woof'.

[8:17]*Caitlynn Wildfire mms! thoughtfully as the redhead lets the bag in her right hand lower to the floor with a soft rustle of plastic, the strong girl crossing her long legs at the knees while seeming to think for a moment. "Perhaps nae much else, truth be told," she replies after a moment longer. "Ah got in a nice, brief run this mornin' before the sun peeked up o'er the tops o' the buildings and trees, joined in by a few others alon' part o' the way. After twenty miles, ah managed ta get down ta the trainyard fer some heavy weights, and then a nice swim in the river ..."

[8:17]Leona Riley connected.

[8:17]Leona Riley disconnected.

[8:20]*Israfel Vincent giggles! with a sharpening smile as the copper top looks up at Caitlynn, making the redhead seem to be upside down for the moment or so. "A nude swim in the river, eh?" Israfel teases with her smile turning a touch impish for the moment, the curl of coppery hair bouncing atop her head. "Does this mean someone snapped your picture again? Something for the morning edition?" :)

[8:21]*Kay Coyote bops Theodor Sharp with his nose, wagging.

[8:22]*Caitlynn Wildfire smirks with a crooked and charming smile of her own as the redhead folds her arms across her tight tummy, covered by a long sleeved t-shirt as she shifts within the tight jeans adorning her lower body as her long tail twitches off and to the side once more. "Why nae?" Caitlynn replies. "Beats listenin' ta them bash the president again. How much can people want ta read that?" :)

[8:26]*Israfel Vincent giggles! letting her head rest back on the throw pillow and closing her expressive eyes behind those curiously damaged glasses once again. "Political science is part of the culture here on this planet, Cait," the copper top replies simply with a shrug before she takes another handful of ounces of the delicious sugary sweet and highly caffeinated beverage from the Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp!, draining down more of the container's two hundred and forty ounces yet again. "It's not unlike the "Game of Thrones" your world has, the kingdoms of Thrune and Taldor aren't so different. Swords and shields are exchanged out for pen, paper, and iPads. The minions of each side are called something different however." :)

[8:30]*Caitlynn Wildfire mms! thoughtfully again, drumming her right hand's fingers on the strong surface of her left upper arm, while her wide feline ears perk through the fan of red hair, the tail behind her lashes with a growing alacrity, obviously listening to the copper top with amusement. Her left foot lightly shifts and the leg stretches ever so slightly to push the plastic bag along the flooring towards Israfel. "Here's yer mornin' supplies, darlin' ..," Caitlynn replies with a softening smile. "Before ye go too far inta "teacher mode" ... again." :)

[8:34]*Israfel Vincent lays there for a few moments as the copper top, with eyes closed, just seems to listen, though the cupped hands around the beverage container seems to loose a bit of structural cohesion and soften against the surface, sticking ... or so it would seem. Otherwise, her focus seems to be ... gone.

[8:39]Pariah Cleopatra disconnected.

[8:39]*Caitlynn Wildfire giggles! softly to herself as the redhead watches, her chest seeming to fill out a touch bigger, fuller underneath the t-shirt before she shifts her weight forward and leans in towards the reclining copper top. Her strong right hand reaches down to her girlfriend's face before plucking the curiously damaged glasses off of the bridge of the nose and bringing them up to her own face to look at. "N'ver understood why ye kept these, especially after returnin' here a hand full o' months ago," Caitlynn replies in a bemused tone, twirling the curiously damaged glasses within her long fingers. Opening them up, the redhead curiously slides the equally baffling eyewear to her face, allowing them to rest on her nose tip. "By the Dark Goddess ... how do ye see out o' these thin's?"

[8:39]*Israfel Vincent giggles. "You open your eyes." :)

[8:43]Nadeena D Arkhiss is now Looking. [Update so far &lt;3 []]

[8:48]*Caitlynn Wildfire grunts deeply, her expressive emerald eyes crossing for the moment, before the redhead slides the damaged eyewear off of her nosertip, folding them closed with a soft clicking sound. "Wisearse," the redhead chuckles. Glancing down at the slid bag moved earlier towards the supine copper top. "Ah managed ta stop by the local "Stop'n'rob" ta pick up yer usual bag o' stuff," Caitlynn explains before tilting her head back a touch. "Nae cheep ta be sure. Ye are high maintenance ta be sure." The tip of the tiger-striped tail opens the bag a bit. "Gummi bears, beef jerky, two Monster energy drinks, a bag of Sweet and Sour trailmix, dried prune slices, Combos, Reese's Pieces, cherry limeaid bubblegum, and another Super-Ultra-Mega Gurgle!, reasonably fresh ... though ah doubt ye care, nae with a Sprite to help freshen it up."

[8:49]*Israfel Vincent giggles! again, her expressive eyes opening so that she can look upside down at her girlfriend again. "Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp!, honey," Israfel replies with another musical giggle. <3

[8:49]*Caitlynn Wildfire snorts. "Wotever." :)

[8:53]*Israfel Vincent smiles more and blows Caitlynn a kiss with a wave of her left hand. "Me and my tummy thank you, honey," the copper top replies with a wink before settling back for the moment ... and then stretching her left arm out to allow her before mentioned hand to dip into the plastic bag and fish out the Jack Link's Super-Mega five pound bag of beef jerky! "Oh, darling! You got the really good one!" The copper top smiles more with an adorable squeal as she looks at Caitlynn once again. "Thank you so much!" <3

[8:55]*Caitlynn Wildfire smirks at her girlfriend with a shake of her head. "Tis bad enough shoppin' fer yer wide load arse, but that "Stop'n'Rob" is a wretched hive o' scum and villainy me world's n'ver seen before," the redheaded changeling replies, half teasingly, half serious. "Those prices are insanely high, boardering on theft o' the highest order."

[8:58]*Israfel Vincent giggles! ripping into the plastic bag of beef jerky with a rather delighted smile. "I'll pay ye back happily," the copper top replies before giggling and taking a deep inhale, her pert chest puffing up a good deal. As she sighs in delight, she also mms! before popping in a long strip of beef jerky into her mouth and chewing happily too. <3

[8:59]*Israfel Vincent (OOC) takes a bit of a food break herself. :)

[9:00]Doctor D Lite connected.

[9:05]*Israfel Vincent (OOC) mmphs! "Extravaganza pizza from Domino's ... delish!" <3

[9:05]*Caitlynn Wildfire (OOC) giggles. :)

After an hour of a break, I thought I would try and keep on going for a while longer.  Stay tuned.  :)

Love and Kisses,

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