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Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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Super Nerd Israfel! by BalloonPrincess
:heart::heart::heart:Hiya, gang!:heart::heart::heart:

While the coffee is brewing and the copiers are printing, I thought I would bring you up to speed on what's happening with the Saturday Night RPG Group.  For the past month, perhaps longer, we have changed the night to Friday to mostly accommodate the Bearded Lantern's family.  A few birthdays of grandkids were happening and a few other end of Summer parties to attend to, so we made adjustments.  Honestly, I will not lie ... normally, I would not mind the occasional change, but this long it's starting to throw my weekends off.  We get the most exciting thing done for my weekend and then the next two days, it's slow going and a bit boring.  Now, that's my fault.  I'm already often worn out from the week and then we end up staying up until 3 am and then I'm back up before 9 am ... ugh.

However, with that said, I did manage to get some stuff done this weekend: the new internet computer is set up.  It's fantastic, fast, fresh, and still set at Windows 7 Professional.  Surprisingly, Photoshop CS3 plugged in to the machine and seems to be working just fine.  Which meant I was able to update my girls and have them ready for gaming.

Speaking of gaming, this past weekend's game went smashingly!  With a bit of a rough start with getting people updated which I don't understand, we left Lepinstahdt to head to Herstagt where we wanted to investigate the slayings of six children which was supposedly done by the Beast of Lepinstahdt.  Now, we were not impressed with Herr Kempler, the defense lawyer and decided to leave Israfel with him to help prepare the evidence for presentation.  Now, the Dungeon Master was curious ... was Israfel going to stay in town or come with the rest of the party.  I giggled and said yes.  Instantly, there were two Israfel ... to which the Bearded Lantern mentioned something about needing a drink and the Bionic Forearm just shrugged and went back to doing stuff on his laptop.  I looked at the Dungeon Master and he shrugged with a smile.  "Hey, if she can do it, so be it."  We also needed to get the Ranger's pet raptor upgraded: an enlargement and permanent spell, along with getting the armor done.  I was reminded ... and rightly chastised ... by being reminded that we needed to do that too.  True enough.  I just was so excited about getting started!  Oh, we also got a Wand of Speak with the Dead, thanks to some honesty at the magic shop where we went to get the scrolls for the raptor.  So, with all of the notations of who was were, who spent what, and the updating of people's character sheets, the party was off.

Before arriving to Herstagt, we came across a corpse of an unknown male.  Now, the first thing to do was search the body and loot any treasure ... that was according to Tielth (played by the soft spoken when she's not giggling Quiet One), our thief, to which the rest of us were like "Damn ..."  We did find out that he was a man of Faith, so we took the time to bury him properly.  Once done, we continued on to the town.  The arrival revealed the place was a hovel of a hamlet, but trapped with some sort of bizarre bear trap land mind combination.  One almost got Brother Frack (played by the Bearded Lantern) and one did get Caitlynn who realized that Tielth was not going to be able to stop this one ... so the changeling pushed the rouge out of the way.  The bear trap snapped onto Cait's leg and required removal for her healing to take effect.  A roll of 20 (+14) for a result of 34 shattered the bear trap which the Dungeon Master asked, "Now, why would you hurt an innocent bear trap like that?"  I said, "Because it bit me."  The reply was "That is what it does."  So, now ... we have an enraged Caitlynn which is not good.  "Oh, this isn't going to end well ..."  Someone said that.  :)

Now, things started off with a ghost attacking us which I believe ended up with Israfel-1 managing to kill it after everyone else had hit the damned thing.  I pointed out that it was pretty good that the copper top managed to do that without healing it or causing harm to others.  Not that she does that often, but much of the time, she doesn't hit with her melee strikes ... she's only got a small BAP modifier for level, compared to others.  Also, remember, she's not meant for serious combat ... just a bit better than Harley.  :)

Meanwhile, Brother Frack used his Ghost Sense to start checking the area after grumbling, "There's got to be more.  At least five more."  That's when the group watched Cait wander over to the good Brother and ask, "Where?"  Pointing to a nearby house, Cait promptly stomped over, smashed the door in with her right foot, and proceeded to make the ghost scare of her.  The ghost went through the ceiling and so did Caitlynn.  I laughed, saying something about the barbarian changeling rocking the house ... and soon she was back, pointing inside the house.  "It wants to talk ... so go talk to it."  With a smirk, Brother Frack went in and used the Wand of Speak with the Dead, and found out the first piece of information we needed for the investigation.

Basically, much of the adventure at this point was wash, rinse, repeat ... Caitlynn would follow Brother Frack's finger and stomp over to the next house, kick open the door, and make the poor ghosts afraid of her.  Brother Frack would use the wand again and more information would be revealed.  Now, Tielth (played by the Quiet One) did manage to find some sort of very cool golden item and a silver pocket knife in a church and the six graves of the kids, two of which were still covered.  It took a bit of figuring (though Woodstock, our ranger played by the Mask had already figured all of this out!  And honestly, like a lot of the story too!) but someone else called Brother Swarm.  We ended up having a showdown with what I think was his shadowy form, ghost, or some sort of horrific monster ... to which Israfel-1 had to make her will save versus her fear of undead.  It was quite the fight to be sure!  Brother Frack's magical fire and Elia Falen's fireballs really softened him up for the beating that he got from Akiro the Samurai, Woodstock the Ranger, Tielth the Rouge, and Caitlynn the Barbarian.  I think Israfel-1 used her channeling through her healing abilities to weak the monster.  Once defeated, we were able to release the children's spirits from the clutches of Brother Swarm and send them off to their final reward.

Personally I would have said a prayer, but we had to keep on pressing onwards.  Our on-again, off-again player, the Security Officer had to run since his wife had to work in the morning.  But, as usual, the Bearded Lantern graciously took over so that Akiro would get full experience points.  However, he missed the show.  :)

With the party hurrying back to Lepinstahdt as fast as they can, they dropped the information to Israfel-0 and also merging Israfel-1 back to make the copper top whole.  Elia Falen (who's played by the Bionic Forearm) said it best, "How bad could our Israfel make it?" A pause.  "Bye.  Bedtime."  The rest of the party crashed for a few hours before showing up to the courthouse for the trail.

Now, the object of this was to poke holes in the old woman's testimony which we were told by a reliable source that she had to be paid to give it.  I started to flounder a bit ... I had been up since 12 am this morning and here it was getting to be 10 pm.  The group rallied and gave me enough information of who the old woman spoke and what we had found at the Swamps of Morast.  I had ended up downing at least one Coke while we talked about the evidence and then striking on some serious inspiration.  Ohmygawd!  I wish I could have recorded this session!  It was like Judge Judy Meets Jerry Springer and Hosted by Israfel Vincent who finally had gotten mad!  First off, as Israfel, I got her to repeat her testimony to which she accused Israfel of wasting the court's time with such frivolity to which I reminded her that these people took time out to seek the truth and that she was insulting them.  She accused Israfel of being a harlot (to which the old lady changed it to whore later) because of her garish outfit.  As the old lady continued making it personal, saying that Israfel's parents ought to be ashamed of how she dressed and acted and then speaking with such disrespect to her elders, I got fired up!

"I speak as I should to one who is contemptuous, ignorant, and brazenly stupid of the facts which are my own life.  I come before this most honorable court in the noble search for the truth.  To distract the magnificent judges and the equally deserving members of this town assembled, this hayseed, genetically deficient, and horrible throwback of an old woman's who's testimony had to be paid for to get her off her ass and in before this noble court.  I, on the other hand, spent the night assembling the evidence with the valued assistance of Mr. Kempler without the concerns of creature comforts, save for an energy bar and some water when needed.  She undoubtedly got to spend her ill-gotten gain on the comforts of booze, food, and a bed.  She calls me a harlot or whore and yet who stands before the court more prepared to do her duty?  She or I?"

The assembled players were laughing very hard at this point and to which I started poking holes in the old woman's testimony to which the Darth Varder looking bailiff (a Hellknight, I think) forced her to repeat her testimony for the judges.  First off, Israfel asked about the assembled villagers ... just how many was used to chase off the Beast of Lepinstahdt.  "I mean, he's massive!  Yes, we are talking about farmers, woodsmen, and ironsmiths ... rugged lads and lasses who pick up tools of the trade ... which were probably shovels, axes, scythes, knives, pitchforks, and rope ... and again how many ...?  A pause while the old lady stumbled about.  Begging the judges's favor, Israfel got about forty people in the gallery to stand.  "This many?"  Without waiting, she got ten more.  "This many?"  And repeating on again.  "How about this many?"  The old woman said that it was about fifty or sixty.  Leaving forty up for the moment, Israfel pointed out to the judges that this was a formidable gathering to be sure.  "And if I was the monster, gee ... would I stand and fight?"  Another pause.  "But he is the Beast of Lepinstahdt!  With a roar ..." And for the players and the game, I made myself as comically scary as possible! "... I would have fought to the death!"  Looking at the old lady, Israfel continued.  "How many of your people were hurt?  Surely some, but you did manage to chase the monster off ... and then by some zippy-do-dah! he manages to get attacked by a gator!"  Another pause.  "That must have been one big gator to make the Beast of Lepinstahdt so weak and so afraid that the rest of your people managed to rally and chase him off!"

Once again, more laughter!  God, I was one a roll!

Israfel began entering the evidence.  Her sketch book with all of the Beast of Lepinstahdt's sketches was the first to be added, along with a flesh mask and body suit of someone who had this hidden in the swamp along with a boat, and then a gator scale found in the boat which we were taking a chance that the judges would just accept it as proof about the suspicious nature of the gator being involved.

Now, the old lady was not done.  She started her attack with challenging Israfel's character ... which was smart.  Israfel, being upset (and with me on fire!), countered with this:

"You dare to insult me as you did this noble court.  Unlike you who sit and deal with the day to day in a small village that is just a blister on the backside of humanity, I have explored this fascinating world.  I have fought dragons, defended the weak from monsters like goblins and kobolds.  I have walked among the most courageous adventurers, fought demons, and walked with angels.  I have crossed landmasses and sailed the high seas of this world.  So, before you go any further, you might shut the hell up for a few moments and learn a few things more than you can count with your fingers ... and since I have all of mine, I'll happily help."

More laughter by the assembled gathering of friends at the game to which the Dungeon Master reminded me that I had the Hellknights assembled in the room nervous, but the Lady of the noble house of Thrune (Cheliax) was on her feet applauding!  Apparently quite the feat!  After a bit of fanfare of describing things in the gallery and among the players, we got back to the case in hand.  The judges and the prosecutor (who had not lost a case before!) were wanting to talk to the old lady and even the bailiff was eager to search her.  Oh, no money wad found, but there was enough to call for a recess.

To which Israfel asked the judges if her harlot attire was acceptable to this most noble court.  They laughed and said she was fine.  And Israfel left the courtroom with a bounce in her step ... and did a victory dance in the back hallway.  

The players left my apartment laughing and talking about the game.  :)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!  :)

Love and Kisses,
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