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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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Ricochet-Beckoning Nightshirt-Story Image01 by BalloonPrincess

Been waiting on posting this, mainly to get a good piece of artwork to go along with it ... something that makes sense.  I got up at 2:30 am, unable to sleep any more, and decided to get onto F-List for the time being.  I have found that this place is a good deal better than most of the mucks and mushes I am or have been on ... a wider range of people to chat with and a slightly better bit of RPing opportunity and easier to read the posts ... not because of anyone's grammar, but the formatting of the place.

This installment is me, still sort of revved up with caffeine (I think that is why I was having problems in sleeping) and the poor hours of getting sleep earlier ... I had been up late or all night much of the weekend too ... but like I am now, I was babbling with a good friend, Rascle.  Here you go:


Morning Play – Ricochet KaBOOM!

[3:28]*Ricochet KaBoom covers her mouth with her left hand and yawns rather softly as the copper topped tigress comes strolling quietly into the Inflation Room. Cupped against her pert chest is an impossibly large two hundred and forty ounce beverage container, the infamous Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! and probably filled with a rather bizarre flavor of cherry, watermelon, orange, and grape with just a bit of extra fizz and a MONSTER worth of caffeine. Her large feet create an adorable series of sharp, squeaking sounds, which cannot be quieted even by the cute and comfortable pair of shark slippers. The elastic tigress’s long tiger striped tail bounces from side to side in a cute counter motion to her squeaky footfalls, which causes the purple and green nightshirt’s hemline to shift and expose a bit more of the curious tattoo on the left cheek of that wide load backside while her long tiger striped tail twitches cutely back and forth behind her and a bit to either side, depending on the swing. <3

[3:34]*Ricochet KaBoom starts a bit of a giggle which breaks off with the sip of the beverage before the copper top sighs with a long and drawn out puff of air, her ample chest puffing up a good deal bigger from the inhale and then deflating down a touch smaller than the normal size once the copper top is done. "Ohmygawd ... it's way too early for me ... ," Taffy whispers as the elastic tigress fights off another yawn in vain as the copper top continues to wander through the Inflation Room, obviously heading for her favorite vacant couch, while her dainty hands reach down and grasp handfuls of purple and green material. "Nope ... I just had to leave my iPhone on the bedside table and on too ... ," she complains softly before taking another sip off of the beverage, the thick straw changing color for a good three heartbeats, perhaps five now with her heart racing within her chest. The before mentioned yawn, by the way, is the action causes the nightshirt to stretch tight across her neck, shoulders, and chest, which in turn distorts the neon orange lettering, “Like to see them BIGGER?” Meanwhile her feet keep on squeaking softy, even up to the point where the elastic tigress stops at the before mentioned couch and then plops down onto it with a jiggling bounce. A few drops of the beverage softly hits her face as her expressive eyes close ... like she might fall back asleep ... maybe ... <3

[3:39]Mrs Balloon Bun connected.

[3:40]*Rascle heads over and flops onto Ricochet, snuggling into the copper top with a soft purr and a yawn herself.

[3:41]Pearl the Pikachu: ?

[3:44]*Ricochet KaBoom seems to look like the copper top might sag a bit there, her cute halo of coppery hair atop her head shifting forward a touch or so, her wide ears dropping comically, and even the hold that she has on the Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! cup seems to shift and look precariously dangerous in that it could slip from those lithe fingers ... a brief move, just a tiny one ... before her expressive purple eyes snap to a startled alertness which causes her dainty hands to moosh around the cup. "The discount on the bulk order from Paizo should offset the loss from the briefly lived comic book run of Captain-Mister-Nerd and the Most Excellent Dudes of California! ... it was just that one time! I swear!" bursts off of the copper top's kissable lips. "And the muffins are ready too ... don't eat the lemon bars ... not all of them this time ... please?"

[3:45]*Rascle perks a bit from Ricochet's outburst, but giggles, giving her cheek some soft pats. "Wake up hun. We're not in a business meeting." She leans up and gives her a kiss on the lips, snuggling close to her.

[3:50]*Ricochet KaBoom mm-wha-duh-huhs? with just the loudest burps around as the copper top seems to be doing a system wide reboot of herself, thanks to a kick-start from Rascle. The pats to her plump facial cheeks are a nice touch as well while those wide ears perk slightly through the tresses of coppery hair and the halo of same hair straightens up nicely too. "Business ... oh yes ... no, yes, what?" Taffy asks just before she gets kissed, the beverage still lingering a touch on the thick side. With Rascle snuggling, the copper top seems to be softer, more putty or waterballoon-like this morning. "Oh, yes ... hiya ..." :)

[3:53]*Rascle does notice this softer and liquidy feeling to Ricochet, poking her belly a bit with a giggle, looking to the drink in her hand. "Been drinking a lot of that to try to wake up?" She motions to the cup, before leaning up and giving her a lick on her nose. "Why not just use my method of getting up in the morning? Have the bed literally launch you out of it." She teases her and sticks her tongue out, obviously joking to her as she softly nuzzles her shoulder, wrapping her arms around her and squeezing her waist some.

[3:59]*Ricochet KaBoom giggles! a bit at the poke, not unlike that adorable fellow from Pillsbury, though it might be just as equally amusing in her heightened comical state at the moment, her legs coming up and pulling the hemline of her nightshirt up a touch more before the copper top closes her expressive eyes again, those purple disappearing behind the orange. Her ears perk again at the question and her attention shifts to the beverage for a moment before, like any addict, she takes a pull off of the straw and then giggles with a broken burp too. "Just filled it before coming here," Taffy replies with a smile before her before mentioned eyes, purple in color, cross at the lick to her cute nose. "I tried that ... just like Hong Kong Phooey and Cait got ticked off. She didn't like being so rudely awakened after fifteen minutes of sleep," comes the response. The copper top smiles and mms! at the snuggling and the huggling while her body mooshes more along Rascle's ... <3

[4:01]*Rascle purrs softly with a warm smile as she stays close to her, nodding softly as she nuzzles her against her neck some, giving it some soft licks and nibbles. She squeezes her body once more as she keeps her arms around her and softly rubs her back a bit. "Mmm, I see. So, how come you're up so early?" She smiles softly to her and kisses her cheek. <3

[4:02]Cecil Lindstrom disconnected.

[4:03]Mrs Balloon Bun disconnected.

[4:06]*Ricochet KaBoom mms! softly with a deep purring that starts to bubble up within the copper topped tigress, between soft urps! escaping from the corner of her kissable lips, while her body seems to lightly envelope a few areas of Rascle's body, a bit sticky too. The elastic tigress giggles lightly here and there with the licks and nibbles as well. "Just couldn't ... probably from a long nap yesterday afternoon ... must have been a caffeine crash after the two long nights of tabletop gaming ... Friday night which went until 7 am and baking for the next night ... and then Saturday night's normally ... normally ... not normal really, but fun ... usual, better ... usual night. :)" Kissing back after a moment, she giggles. "Surf and Turf menu ... prime rib, shrimp, crab ragoons ... a few things deep fried, good, better after reheated and the oil soaks in ..." <3

[4:09]*Rascle nods softly with a light giggle as she stays close to her, not minding as she feels her body envelope hers after a bit, finding her just quite comfortable as she stays snuggled close. "Mmmm, I see. Well, maybe we can help each other sleep." She yawns some....and gives her another kiss onto those soft, plump lips of hers before gentle nibbling on her lower lip~ <3 "And that does sound delicious~."

[4:13]*Ricochet KaBoom giggles! with a soft smile before the copper top seems to pull some of herself back together as her dainty hands reassert themselves around the Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! once more and Taffy takes a good long pull off of the straw this time as Rascle snuggles more against the elastic, gloopy tigress. "I'd love to go back to sleep ... might even nap later ... but, I have things I need to do this morning before I get on with my work," Taffy replies with the kiss matching her friend's. "It does, doesn't it? I'll probably pack some of the leftovers for lunch today ... gawd, I love those crab ragoons!" She giggles. "Besides, Cait's going to get up here within the hour and I need to ... well, should ... have the breakfast ready for myself and her. She's got her twenty mile jog and then three hour warm up and then workout to get started with."

[4:15]*Rascle nods softly as she keeps listening to her, flicking her ears a little with a yawn as she shuts her eyes, gently resting against Taffy with a warm smile. She might not be fully listening to her at this point as she seems to be falling asleep against her, purring softly with some licks to her own lips. "mhmm....breakfast....most important..." She nods a little before nuzzling in close to her, resting her head in the crook of Taffy's neck.

[4:18]*Rascle is actually gonna go to bed now. First day of their new job is tomorrow after all. Thankfully first day is in the afternoon, but still ... :)

[4:19]Rascle: (Night all!)

[4:19]*Diana DuBoise just arrived, but waves g'night.

[4:19]Rascle disconnected.

[4:19]*Ricochet KaBoom giggles! softly as the copper top's already soft body puffs up nicely within her chest, tummy, and hips regions while Rascle seems to be infected by the non-committed alliance of Sleep, the purring that comes off of her friend is rather soothing, even to an engorged caffeine emotional state such as the copper top's/ Her left hand expands up to better hold onto the Super-Mega-Ultra Gulp! before she kisses her friend good night. :)


I hope you guys enjoyed this short read.  Love to see some feedback and hear what you think.  :)

Love and Kisses,

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