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Happy New Year 2015 !
All of you deserve the best things for this new year :)
2014 was good ? I hope 2015 will be great for all of you ! :D
Personally, 2014 was the year I joined DA and the year I met really amazing people :)
Since the first picture, and the first story of Alice, you always give me very nice feedbacks :)
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Bonne année à tous ! :D
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Ok so lately i havent been doing much here but this is because im working on a few BIG projects of my own which im doing my absolute best to get finished. Im also working on better coloring but i should have something new up very soon! im working on 2 big pictures atm one im still doing the lines for and the other is sill being sketched out. So i havent stopped! just trying new things! ^.^


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The best of the best in my opinion! :)


Outside of the seductive subject catching my eye, I really love the strong contrast of whites and darks in this photo. Plus the simple ...

When logging in, I found this one standing out right away and thought I should comment! :) Being a big expansionist myself, this really ...

Personally ... and right off ... I really like this piece very much. The slight tilt to the image starts off by giving off a sense of d...

Let me start this off by saying that I have become a fan of BlackSen's work within the last year. This is one of those pieces that make...




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**The Princess inhales deeply, blowing her chest up massively, as she thinks about this ... the release of the "trapped air" blows things all over the place, mostly things that are not tied down.**

Not really sure what to say here, but allow my actions to color your perceptions of how you think of me. :)

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One Sunny Morning! by Maxa-Art! by BalloonPrincess


Just a quick note and update on what's happening with me, outside of work here at the Firm.  This weekend I get to run the Tabletop Game on Saturday and the Bearded Lantern is cooking some of the chicken that I picked up earlier this week, quite the deal for $300!  The adventure should be one night, possibly two if needed, to complete since we are just killing a bit of time so that the Bearded Lantern can finish up his notes on Wrath of the Righteous which we have been plugging at for over a year now, perhaps two coming up in September.  Mine is an adventure to the Southlands, the party will be assembling in a city known as Per-Bastet, thanks to the ever-helpful NPC, the merchant Rahmood ... the story below is just a teaser to help me think and prep.

Cat’s Ascension

The soft creaking of the inn’s sign tickled the air while the wooden plank rocked back and forth within the firm grip of the post and hooks.  On the front and back surface was a wood-carved Owlbear; a fearsome creature said was created by a mad wizard who wanted a bestial guardian with the eyesight of an owl and the ferocity of a bear.  Except the creature in this case wore an open expression of drunken delight as it danced about with a pair of tankards in the background.  Around the coastal city of Crossroads, everyone who lived there and many who did not knew of popular inn, a center of anything and everything you could want.  From good food and drink to information a plenty could be found here.  All you needed was the proper currency, whether that be gold, gems, or information.  And while daggers and swords were often threatened to be used, the staff had the proper deterrent.  That was in the form of the redheaded, changeling barbarian, wielder of the Hellbringer, the legendary vicious battle-axe.  She could be found perched in the middle of the tavern’s main room, seated on a solid stool and leaning against one of the main supports, the battle-axe standing at the ready for any problem its user might have.

However, the typical sounds of activity were a good deal softer and lessened from the absence of many of the usual gathering of suspects, being a bright morning.  Thanks to this lull, the dwarven bartender was able get things cleaned up and stocked for the customers either staying in the inn or the locals coming in later as the day allowed.  Glancing over at the main support, the dwarf noticed the slumbering changeling, her long legs stretched out before her while her head was tilted to the side, her feline ears twitching lightly as her chest rose and fell with her breathing.  A deep chuckle bubbled up from within his expansive chest as the dwarf shook his head, a tight smile stretched underneath his thick red beard.  Pausing to glance about, the dwarf glanced about the main room, noticing that the redheaded changeling was alone.

“Now, where is that girl?” the dwarf asked with a scowl crossing his stone-like features.  “I never can find her when I need her.”  With a shrug, he went back to his work, deciding on finding her later.  While he cared, the dwarf was not overly concerned.  The before mentioned girl, along with the redheaded changeling, now owned the place, having bought it from the previous owner.  The dwarf, having grown tired of family squabbles and traveling the roads, looking for adventure, was happy to be here for the time being.  The work was satisfactory.  The pay was good.  The food and drink was better.  And the bed was the best.  Grudgingly, he had to admit that life was also good.

Life was not just good for the dwarf, but for others too.  One in particular was the missing girl …

Seated a simple wooden bench outside The Inn of the Dancing Owlbear, the missing and also curiously dressed girl enjoyed the soft rising sun of a bright morning.  Covering her ears was a pair of earphone, designed with an old school over the top headband to keep the large ear-coverings in place.  In her left hand, which has a platinum ring on the ring finger, was a strange-looking device, thinner than any book and with an Apple symbol on the back, while her right arm seemed to stretch away from her and match her body’s gyrations.  Her expressive eyes were closed behind equally interesting purple-framed glasses, which were secured by neon-green tape, probably to keep them from falling apart.  Her warm smile brightened that cute face, enhanced by a gentle blush of rosy pink that brought out the healthy splattering of freckles along the bridge of her nose and across her facial cheeks. A purple t-shirt adorned her upper body with the sleeves trimmed with a soft green color and between her pert breasts rode a black and green cartoon bomb with the fuse lit.  Soft blue shorts covered her wide hips and thick thighs, the clothing being stretched nice and tight with what appears to be full pockets in the front and a tight left pocket in the back.  From the tops of those before mentioned thighs down to a pair of colorful sneaker-like boots, the left one lightly tapping against the ground, apparently to the song playing inside her head with some of the sound escaping the headphones.

If a lucky passer-by managed to get in close to the happy copper top, he or she might be lucky enough to hear the music playing, a rather uncanny tune to be sure.  One that local bards would not be familiar with, unless the spoke with the girl.  She would happily inform the inquiring person that a band known as Styx was performing the music and the song was called “Come Sail Away”.  While savoring the song over the headphones, the copper top lightly gyrated, causing her body to bounce lightly and jiggle on the wooden bench.  The vibrations of her movements caused a few of the wooden sketch pencils to roll about the paper sketchbook, threatening to fall onto the ground.  Those pencils also bounced against a wad of kneaded rubber, used to touch up artwork such as this, and clack against a transparent box of Copic pens.

A soft breeze blew through the tight gauntlet of building making up this square with The Inn of the Dancing Owlbear being the primary structure.  The gust of wind traveled through the courtyard made by the tavern, which was often bustling with a full contingent of business, both for good or ill will, depending on the alignment of the people involved.  Stirring along the stables out on the backside allowed a variety of smells attributed to the horses and other livestock that was kept there.  Continuing to swirl lightly, the breeze managed to caress the copper topped teenager, still enjoying her music, and stirring up the top two or three pages of the sketchbook.  These pages flipped just enough to showcase some of the images below.  On the third page was a slanted triangle, which appeared to be below a line, possibly the ground since two dark figures stood on the line.  The triangle’s top point pushed through the line enough to be seen by the figures presumably and yet there was more to it than that.  Lines radiating from the point showed up at the point, hinting at some activity.  Underneath the line was a curious labyrinth consisting of three levels with one rather massive chamber.  The details on the levels were lacking, but the chamber one appeared to house an equally curious seafaring vessel, yet there was no way of getting it free.  Yet, off and to the side, was a drawing of could be a medallion or amulet of Osirion design, colored with the combination of the Copic pens and colored pencils.  Another page up was a detailed sketch of a lovely woman seeming to be in the midst of some sort of metamorphosis, transforming from woman to feline, both having dark hair which was highlighted in blues and purples to accentuate the details better.  Green and yellow made up the expressive eyes while a richer purple and black made the sinister lips stand out nicely among the rest of the design work of the portrait.  She wore what one would suspect Osirion royalty would wear in this region of the world.  The third page, being the top of the sketchbook for the moment, still lightly fluttered as the breeze lost its energy.  The sketch was one roughly of the copper topped girl, light coloring used to bring her out in detail, standing there and looking ready for action.  Next to her right was a feline-looking warrior with an enormous battle-axe, the shaft stretching the length of her powerful form.  Others are standing off and to either side of the figures, and yet their details were vague, lightly sketched as if the copper top had not decided on the details yet.

As the music started to fade off inside her ears, the copper top tilted her head back and opened her expressive eyes before she glanced skyward, her mind starting to detach and float away.  Something that her mother used to chide her about was her daydreaming.  There was something about the open sky that made the girl loose focus from what she was doing and soar off like an eagle.  It was liberating.  Something that she heard her mother say before echoed within her mind as she gazed with those expressive purple eyes of hers into the clouds above her: “Creativity and imagination know no bounds.  The sky’s the limit.”  That was always curious to her, wondering what it would feel like to be like that.

“I could do that right now,” the copper top whispered aloud before she took a deep breath through her nose.  The rush of air started to rush into her lungs, causing her pert chest to slowly fill up and then fill outwards, her before mentioned t-shirt slowly filling up and then ballooning outwards.  After a few heartbeats of doing that, the copper top giggled to herself, before letting the breath out with a teasing puff, the gust of her breath sending a small carpet of fallen leaves to scatter around the courtyard.

“Maybe later,” she replied impishly, pausing to think about her body ballooning up and filling the courtyard …

“And now before ye do that, darlin’ … ah hope ye’ll save some o’ that fer me,” a warm and friendly voice said, popping off the copper top’s daydream for the moment.  Turning to the side, the girl looked up to see the redheaded changeling stepping closer to the wooden bench.  Fluid muscles moved sensually with each footstep, the bare feet lightly crunching some of the leaves found there, while a long tiger-striped tail twitches back and forth with each step in a lush counter-motion.  A warm smile brightened the changeling’s normally blank face.  Many often commented that the barbarian rarely smiled, but the copper top often waved that off, saying that you had to be there when she did smile.  A truly inspired moment is what she called it.  “Feelin’ yer soft form blowin’ up so big would be quite the experience.”

Blushing warmly, the copper top dipped her cute head down, the chin lightly pressing against the surface of her chest as the copper top blew the last of the inflating breath out of her lungs, returning herself down to normal proportions.  The freckles along the bridge of her nose came out from hiding, though not that they were doing such a good job of it.  “Not sure if Garrik would appreciate that,” the colorful girl replied softly.  “He’s still mad about the damage to our room.”

The changeling nodded with an expression that made the copper top think of Mr. Spock from Star Trek.  “Perhaps, but ah wasnae the one who started it … ye know how ticklish ah am.”

The copper top covered her face, blushing even more, which brought out more of her freckles even clearer this time.

Giggling, the changeling affectionately hugged the copper top while a gentle purring sound started up within the redhead’s ample chest.  “By Freya’s throne, ye are so cute when ye do that,” she whispered happily.

More giggling, the laughter this time came from the copper top before she looked up at the changeling.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, Caitlynn-honey,” the girl apologized to the redheaded changeling, the copper top looking rather sheepish, but still very cute …

Caitlynn grunted with a dismissive shrug as the changeling colored her expressive emerald eyes for a few heartbeats.  “Dinnae worry ‘bout it.  Garrik was happier because of it,” she replied blandly and matter-of-factly.  “Ye know how he hates it when ah sleep on the job.”

“Besides, yer daydreamin’ was worth wakin’ up ta, darlin’,” Caitlynn added with that crooked and charming smirk on her face as the changeling tilted her head to the copper top.

Seeing the copper top happy made Caitlynn feel so much better.  Over the past week, Israfel had tossed and turned in her sleep, making the changeling awaken and try to hold her.  Stroking her hair would comfort her girlfriend for a while after and hours worth of soft mumbling and thrashing about, making Caitlynn hold onto her harder.  In the morning, Israfel didn’t remember much of what was troubling her until last night when the copper top screamed a chilling howl that made even the barbarian cringe.  But, even with that, the copper top settled back down after snapping awake and then coming to her senses.  Caitlynn was not sure to be comforted by this, but Israfel had come out into the courtyard and started sketching …

Before the copper top could say anything else, the shutters to the window next to the pair burst open as Garrik Thunderforge shoved his red faced and red haired head through the window.  “Now, if you two are done flirting, get your backsides back into the inn!  We got customers coming in!” the dwarf thundered with his usual gruff-and-forceful manner.  “And, Miss Israfel … you have a messenger here.  Says he’s from Rahmood.”

Israfel perked up at the sound of that name, bouncing her head against Caitlynn’s chest as the two were still hugging, thanks to the changeling’s powerful arms.  Caitlynn, a bit startled by the sudden movement, loosened her grip on the copper top, which sat up, knocking the pens and sketchpad to the ground.  “Rahmood?” Israfel said sharply before the copper top launched herself away from the bench and towards the front of the inn.  About half way there, she skidded to a stop, turned around, and looked at Caitlynn with that sheepish expression on her face.  “Sorry … gottah go.  Y’know … ,” the copper top said before turning back around and racing to the front door, quickly disappearing from sight.

Caitlynn found herself giggling again, watching her girlfriend race off to deal with something probably mundane, probably nothing to it, and just another series of moments in the copper top’s life.  Her feline ears perked through the thick tresses of red hair adorning her head as another breeze gusted through the courtyard.  The sound of the fluttering of paper caught the changeling’s attention.  Glancing down at the sketchbook, Caitlynn saw the picture of the woman who appeared to be changing into some sort of werefeline, a jaguar or leopard.  Something about it made the changeling pause before Caitlynn knelt down to pick the sketchbook up.

Frowning, Caitlynn just stared at the image …

(To BE Continued!)

A Little Bird Told Me by HaneMS! by BalloonPrincess

Let me know what you think.

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