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This has been a project long time in progress. It started back last year, about January or February, between :iconlana-halbrond: and myself. She had seen a few of my pieces of work and had read a story or two and thought that we should team up and do a comic. We spent about half a year spitballing ideas back and forth on what to do. We bounced possible story ideas back and forth until Lana decided that she had a great idea and started work on it.

This picture got us sealed on the idea for the story, plus showed we made a great team!

With this in mind, Lana started working very hard on getting it done. Now, she's graciously allowed me to not only color these wonderful pages, but to post them. Be sure to pop by her site and let her know what you think of the pages so far. I hope to post a few more as the weeks go on. Coloring them is taking me a good deal of time.

Page Seven -

One of the thoughts I had when originally coming up with the idea of this comic ... or a few panels originally ... was based on a curious thought about Popeye and his consumption of spinach. "What if he overdid it?" I have seen a few cartoons where it looked like he had gotten bigger and the effect of his super strength lasted longer ... but nothing like him getting carried away. Now, I'm not the "Popeye Expert" on the cartoon or the character. But I can say that I have only seen him use the spinach twice in a few cartoons and I cannot remember any extremes.
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Oh, to be smooshed by soft expanding Plasticat boobies....
ShadowLockhart Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
She's breaking the comic!
AtmaD12 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
I imagine all the guys in the bar WANT to run away, but can't because this is just too hot for them.
Shockzboy Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Me guesses she causes allot of property damage this way.
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February 12, 2013
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